Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Exploding box/ Explosion box - Birthday theme

So here's my birthday explosion box....made one after sooo long...and was absolutely glad to try it again...So without much's the pics....quite a few of them!! :D

The lid of the box

The box when closed.

 Loved this sentiment!! looks amazingly stylish!! And lets pop that lid open....and BAM!

As you can see by the 12x12 paper below, this one is big. Its 5"x5" box...when opened it opens to 15inchx15inch. I alternated the, red, blue and finally the red cake. My mind works like that...I love symmetry in everything...

Messages were printed and then die cut..
 The second layer with reds...

 The lower most layer with blues..and drum roll please...

The stunning centre piece
No project is ever complete without just a touch of butterflies..

Drop me an email if you need one made for your loved ones...Custom themes and colors can be worked out.

Till the next post!

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