Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Fancy Birthday Cards

Two Similar style of cards, both for birthdays. This is a free standing card, with place for messages on the back, rather than inside. This is the front of the card...it does not close, but can lie flat for mailing in the post.

 This is how the card will stand....like a destop calender style...

 Space for you messages on the back of the card.

The second card on the same style and theme...
Status- Sold
 The side fold.
for enquiries - email me at Tejal2210 AT gmail DOT com

Engagement Card

Two cards that were made for engagement with the theme of red and white. I made one and got a request for the same one again. Yet, both are similar, yet they are different.

 Status- Sold
 This is the first card that I made. below is the second one made on the same lines

Status- sold

Both are 8x5 inches in size. Come with handmade envelope.
Price on request.