Thursday, January 17, 2013

Photo Flip Book

Here is a scrapbook, but which is mostly for photos...not much space for journaling. This book can easily take in 12-14 photographs...enough to capture a small event or memory.

When you open the cover page to the get these two photo pages...


When the page on the right (on top pic) opens the right again...

The left page on the top pic, opens out to the left again...

The final right page on top pic, opens to the right...and the centre page, open for 4 more photo mats.

This is an over view of how the book looks ... with all its flips and flaps...for a better check out the video where I show how this book opens...

Since this was a fully customized project, it will be made according to the colors and theme you have in mind.
Get in touch with me at Tejal2210 (at) gmail (dot)com if you want to order yours.


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  1. wowsie.... your mats line up perfectly... and what a gorgeous color scheme.... :D