Saturday, December 22, 2012

Explosion Box

It was a custom order from a friend.
This is a big box....its a 5x5 inches square box. There is just one layer, and only 2 extra panels...

I however could not get much pics...I finished the project at night..and had to deliver it then itself. Few below are from my cellphone, so a bit fuzzy, but I guess it gives you an idea.

The bottom most panel has a pocket with two heart tags (with butterfly toppers) for the recipient to write a personal message.

This is the top of the box.

The centre show stopped...A cake...can be replaced with a small box to hold your gifts. Cake colors can be changed as per your favorite colors.

Every panel on the side has a quote and roses to go with it. Plus pockets for your personal message.

To see how the box opens check this video.

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